Reintroducing Iconic Eyewear

Amr Saad: The 590 Family Collection

Amr Saad’s new collection aims to re-explore and reintroduce the iconic eyewear through the prism of a family. Similarly to his previous collections, The 590 Family stands out for its uniqueness.

Profound, inspiring, and expressive are the core values of Amr Saad eyewear, hence came the iconic design of 590. In addition, the classic 590 has drawn its inspiration from the 60s era of freedom of expression. Further, after its first release, the 590 became a symbol of self expression. As a result, this iconic eyewear was worn and embraced by celebrities and public figures from different parts of the world.

Consequently, for his latest Fall 2019 collection Amr Saad is reintroducing the iconic 590 model with a 590 family.  Therefore, taking a leap forward with his 590 Family, with the variety of shapes added to the classic round 590, drawing different expressions in one family.

The unisex range features handcrafted silver iconic eyewear, one ring and a hand piece. In addition, they are represented in different colors to represent different forms of expressions. Most importantly, all carrying the visual signature of Amr Saad’s classic 590.

For the digital campaign of the 590 family, the brand offers a fresh point of view, embracing the uniqueness of humans, through family portraits inspired by the 60s. For instance, a family of four, in which everyone expresses each piece and himself individually.