Handcrafted Eyewear Collection

Amr Saad handcrafted eyewear comes from the conceptual collection / Anakronous / chronologically misplaced; not occurring or existing at the same time or having the same period or phase. It is classically handmade in 18k gold, 14k rose gold and 925 silver to fulfill the essence of individuality. Therefore,  the collection is drawn in abstract and geometrical forms.  Precisely crafted with elegance and sophistication, it is designed to furnish you with a unique sense of independence, while at the same time it permits you the freedom of self-expression. In addition, these iconic pieces become the solidarity at its finest.

Handcrafted Eyewear: Artist’s Statements

“Each piece holds a story and a theme that people can personally relate to,” as mentioned by the artisan Amr Saad. In other words, the designer is prompting us to make up our own minds. Moreover, the adjoining A-Liners handcrafted eyewear collection features designs in 18k gold and 925 silver in-built with Saad’s so-Instagrammable appeal.

Saad individually and meticulously handcrafts each pair of sunglasses in designs that expose the beauty of the raw materials he works with. Consequently, working with gold and silver, the designer deftly integrates organic shapes and flares of details into every piece. Most importantly, the artist highlights its technique: “I craft each pair myself, it’s all done by hand with no screwless hinges. I use the jewellery techniques I learned during my studies in Italy, which is going back to the basics of sunglasses and how they were originally crafted a long time ago.”.

The dissection of the straight lines brought A-Liners., the handcrafted eyewear collection.