Amr Saad is a self expression jewellery brand. There is a daring, yet down-to-earth concept behind each piece that can be uniquely defined. We handcraft every detail to fit you perfectly.

There are aspirations behind each collection. We connect with the design, mirror precious moments and eras, and create timeless art pieces that reflect part of the story; the human story.

About Amr

Amr Saad has evolved a passion for designing jewellery in parallel with his self explorative drive. He finds inspirations wherever he goes. Having been educated in Italy and living in Egypt, his artistic values have been inspired from the elements of the Earth with his ingrown rage of making art out of precious metals and stones. Saad’s spirited nature has inspired his conceptual designs as a method of finding one’s true self in the universe. Each piece is a worn diary; a design of a story that plays the role of a constant reminder of one’s favorite moments.

Our Craft

Craftsmanship is the philosophy of our brand, which we praise by working solely with our hands. With the raging speed of technology forcing a global sense of industrialization, our team remains committed to honor and value our handwork we take our own path against the flow.