Amr Saad: ʻQALAQʼ / قلق

– The handcrafted anxiety collection –

They say the greatest art comes from suffering, and hacking it as an artist certainly imposes an array of emotional and psychological turbulences in the process. Whether itʼs a creative block, meeting deadlines, or fear of not measuring up to your own expectations or othersʼ, no one is spared! Having been no stranger to such turbulences himself, namely anxiety – the most prevalent mental health issue of them all – our visionary designer who is notorious for his bold aesthetic now brings the issue to light in his striking new collection, ق$ ل$ ق – (qa-laq – Arabic for anxiety), incorporating a prominent lightning-bolt symbol into his design to signify the tension incurred from anxiety along with the zap of inspiration needed to channel it artistically.

Qalaq Release

For the digital launch of ق$ ل$ ق (Qalaq) or anxiety art, Amr Saad implores a group of seven diversely talented individuals to celebrate their common ability of channeling their anxiety into art. “We wanted other artists to feel comfortable expressing their own anxiety through what they do best, which is what I tried to personally achieve through this collection” said Amr Saad, Founder and Chief Designer of Amr Saad Artisan.

In addition, the quirky unisex collection features sterling silver eyewear, earrings, pins, one piece merchandise and a pill box which our seven artists don – anxiously – each with a different colour and pose captured to emulate various shades and shapes of anxiety. Following the Amr Saadʼs lead, the artists also each presented a manifestation of their own anxious state in a personalized art work of their creation. In short, the results were absolutely stunning!

To read about all anxiety art, please see below.

Creative Direction + Image | Ikon Chiba @ikon_x
Styling | Nour Bayadi @nourbayadi
MUA | Chanel Arif @chanel_arif


Artwork Description: Phantoms Beneath

“And have I not told you that what you mistake for madness is but overacuteness of the sense? –now, I say, there came to my ears a low, dull, quick sound, such as a watch makes when enveloped in cotton. I knew that sound well, too. It was the beating of the old man’s heart. It increased my fury, as the beating of a drum stimulates the soldier into courage.”- Edgar Allan Poe

Instagram handle@chanel_arif


BIO: Chanel Arif is an acclaimed multidimensional artist, specializing in body painting, painting, and illustration. Her work is explorative and provocative. When sheʼs not madly immersed in an installation for a collaborative piece or meeting with clients for briefs on innovative concepts or dowsed in paint on set for a shoot, Chanel spends her time snuggling with her cats, discovering new cuisine around city and building a world laced with abstraction and curiosity. Chanel is a badass bitch.


BIO: Hammoud is a graphic designer and art

director based in Cairo. His work is hugely affected and inspired by deconstructed vernacular visual elements and aesthetics. Moreover, Hammoud’s work has been featured in multiple international exhibitions like Dubai Design Week and 100 Best Arabic Posters.”

Artwork Title: “$creenshot_04″
Instagram handle@hammoud_3000


BIO: Fullp0wer is a diverse creative force from Egypt. She captures the key feelings escorted by both imaginary and real life situations.

She then depicts these experiences in a quirky manner, making it relatable to the child within each individual. Seeing that the process of creating is the most fun part for her, subsequently she chooses not to restrict herself with the art mediums she uses.

Artwork Description: Deflated, easily…
A number of contradicting emotions,
all felt at once.


BIO: When you hear the words vinyl and turntables in Egypt, the name Ahmed Samy immediately comes to mind. With eighteen years of collecting (read: hoarding) records under his belt, Ahmed Samy has organically cemented his name as THE patron of a re-emerging technique; the true art of spinning records. In addition, having mastered the technique himself. Samy is now giving it all away in his highly demanded Strictly Vinyl courses.


BIO: Malak El Sawi (b. 1993, Cairo) is an Egyptian photographer. She graduated in 2016 from the University of The Arts London where she studied photography. El Sawiʼs work explores ideas around style, gender, class, and identity by teasing the boundaries that come with

capturing the contemporary Egyptian setting. She works and lives in Cairo.

Mix Artwork Description: ʻWork in progressʼ

“and the search for love was merely a way to forget the disobedience of a t ime and uni ver se that took everything from you, and gave you only what you needed to climb its frazzled steps. But the truth is that no one can save you from your internal blame and that love is like the reflection of light and light does not reflect from darkness.”

و كان البحث عن الحب وسيلة لنسيان عصيان زمن و كون اخذ منك كل شيء و اعطاك فقط ما تحتاج لتسلق سلمه الوشواش. فالحقيقة هى ان لا أحد يستطيع انقاذك من ظلمك الداخلى و ان الحب حقيقتة مثل انعكاس الضوء و الضوء لا ينعكس من ظلام

Instagram handle@malakelsawi


BIO: Tahoun studied textile Engineering, which was unrelated to Visual media, yet after graduating he found himself drawn to photography, moving images, and Cinematography.

Subsequently, he worked many years as a Cinematographer for varying projects from TV commercials to Documentaries across Egypt, Germany, Brazil, France, London, Athens and Lebanon. With his unique aesthetic, Ahmedʼs work can be described as a dynamic, fast-paced vivid portrayal of the youth sub-culture, heavily influenced by music.

Art video Title: The whole universe wants to be touched.
Instagram handle@tahoun_x


BIO: Iʼm a graphic designer specializing in branding projects, editorial projects, and events..
Things that give me anxiety include putting together a proper online portfolio (!!), any and all phone notifications, and dry weddings.
Things that relieve my anxiety include Solangeʼs music, airplane mode, and reorganizing things that didnʼt need reorganizing.

Video Description: Anxiety®
I have a sick love for Tetris; I find it really satisfying until things start going too fast and then it sounds like youʼre being shot at until you suddenly hear that condescending ʻgame overʼ music. And when I think about anxiety, I definitely think about time and my relationship to it. And I think about working as a freelance designer and all the tasks it entails that are in no way creative and that cut into the time we have to actually design. This inevitably ties in with the pressure of coming up with a creative idea while on an often tight deadline.
So I wanted to create an animation that would communicate that sentiment and hopefully be a little stressinducing. And since I had never animated anything before it ended up stressing me out the most.
Instagram handle@v_a_l_a_r_i_f


Amr Saad has evolved a passion for designing eyewear in parallel with his self explorative drive.

He finds inspirations wherever he goes. Since he was educated in Italy and living in Egypt, his artistic values have been inspired from the elements of the Earth with his ingrown rage of making art out of precious metals and stones. Moreover, Saadʼs spirited nature has inspired his conceptual designs as a method of finding oneʼs true self in the universe. As a result, each piece is a worn diary; a design of a story that plays the role of a constant reminder of oneʼs favorite moments.

QalaQ Collection

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