Amr Saad: ʻQALAQʼ / قلق

– The handcrafted anxiety collection –

They say the greatest art comes from suffering, and hacking it as an artist certainly imposes an array of emotional and psychological turbulences in the process. Whether itʼs a creative block, meeting deadlines, or fear of not measuring up to your own expectations or othersʼ, no one is spared! Having been no stranger to such turbulences himself, namely anxiety – the most prevalent mental health issue of them all – our visionary designer who is notorious for his bold aesthetic now brings the issue to light in his striking new collection, ق$ ل$ ق – (qa-laq – Arabic for anxiety), incorporating a prominent lightning-bolt symbol into his design to signify the tension incurred from anxiety along with the zap of inspiration needed to channel it artistically.