Amr Saad: ʻQALAQʼ / قلق

– The handcrafted anxiety art collection –

Have you ever heard of anxiety art? They say the greatest art comes from suffering, and hacking it as an artist certainly imposes an array of emotional and psychological turbulences in the process. Whether itʼs a creative block, meeting deadlines, or fear of not measuring up to your own expectations or othersʼ, no one is spared! Having been no stranger to such turbulences himself, namely anxiety – the most prevalent mental health issue of them all – our visionary designer who is notorious for his bold aesthetic now brings the issue to light in his striking new collection, ق$ ل$ ق – (qa-laq – Arabic for anxiety). As a result, he incorporates a prominent lightning-bolt symbol into his design to signify the tension incurred from anxiety along with the zap of inspiration needed to channel it artistically.

Moreover, for the digital launch of ق$ ل$ ق (Qalaq) or anxiety, Amr Saad implores a group of seven diversely talented individuals to celebrate their common ability of channeling their anxiety into art. “We wanted other artists to feel comfortable expressing their own anxiety through what they do best, which is what I tried to personally achieve through this collection” said Amr Saad, Founder and Chief Designer of Amr Saad Artisan.

The quirky unisex collection features sterling silver eyewear, earrings, pins, one piece merchandise and a pill box which our seven artists don – anxiously – each with a different colour and pose captured to emulate various shades and shapes of anxiety. Following the Amr Saadʼs lead, the artists involved in a digital campaign presented a manifestation of their own anxious state in a personalized art work of their creation. In short, the results were absolutely stunning!