Urban infused

The Handcrafted Sunglasses Collection by Amr Saad

The fascination of how fashion evolves and recycles itself back to our time, created the Urban-Infused handcrafted sunglasses collection. A tribute to the Egyptian motifs of circles and triangles deeply imbedded in various cultures across the country, in view of with the classic 1959’s wayfarer and 1960’s circa shapes. In other words, a metamorphosis of the timeless silhouette can be instantly grasped once each piece is worn. 

Seemingly satisfying the archetypal taste, yet bringing an addition to the bold ones.

Handcrafted sunglasses as a folk tale

Every aspect regarding Amr Saad’s Urban-Infused sunglasses collection is well thought of.  In the first place, from picking the raw materials up to the editorial campaign.  In order to portray his eccentric sunglasses, Amr Saad collaborated with photographer Aisha Al Shabrawy, stylist Sundos Al Ayoub and model Salma Abu Deif. As a result, the outcome was an elaborate editorial campaign set in the heart of Nubia, Aswan. While focusing on the artist’s fashion-forward sunglasses, the scenery fit perfectly with the sunglasses’ folk appeal.

As Amr likes to say:  “jewelry is a form of art using precious metals”, which in like manner explains his distinct pieces.